Much is said about staying healthy. Not only in challanging times, but always. While scientists are busy inventing cures and vaccines it is our own responsibilty to stay in good health so our body can fight any virus that might try to invade our body.

Immune System

Ayurveda explains about how the body works. A conclusion could be that our body is a genius machine, that is capable of breaking apart any poison that we consume or fight any invader of our system. Important for this is having healthy eating and living habits. As long as we feed our body what it requires and do not daily expose our body to the same poison, we can remain in balance. The greatest asset is our immune system. Consider this the ‘goal keeper’ in a football field, it is your strongest ‘defense warrior’, your ‘ knight’ on the chess board and your ‘joker’ in a deck of cards.
As long as we get all the nutricion we require, our immune system stays intact, but how do you know for sure that we are getting everything we need? Is eating with variety enough?
You could see an Ayurvedic doctor or  dietician to find out for sure, but there are many practical tips to give your immune system the boost it requires.

Local and Seasonal

The simplest way give your body what it requires at that time of the year is to eat local and seasonal food. Look around you, see what grows on the farms, in the orchards in the fields and in the forest. Nature provides!
There is a lot of knowledge on what is good for you. For your immune system, ayurveda recommends the use ginger, cardamom and cinnamom. These will definitely work for you, but don’t forget that these products are growing in Asia, a different continent with different soil, different minerals and different people with a different constitution and different needs. Though we will benefit from them, these products are not made for us. Around you, you will find what matches your constitution and your needs. Now in the summer, fruits are growing that will prepare your immune system for a cool autumn and a cold winter.

Blackberry, Elderberry and Grapes

Now in the summer at Centre Lothlorien we harvest what we grow and we forage what nature provides. The fresh fruits that are growing now in these warm and sunny days are full of antioxidants, provide us with Vitamin C, moisture our body, increase our platelets, prevent anemia and strengthens our resistance against flu, cough, cold and viruses.
Todays harvest gives us Blackberries, Elderberries and Grapes. By combining fruits with similar qualities, you make their effects stronger.
One recommendation is Elderberry juice, as it is a lot of work to get enough berries you could mix them with red grapes. You Can pluck and boil the ripe fruits for 20 minutes, strain it with a cloth and let it leak, warm it again until it almost boils and contain it in a clean sealed bottle. Drink only one glass per day as it has a laxative effect.
Another suggestion is Elderberry-Blackberry jam. You can easily make enough to last throughout the winter. As most jams contain too much of sugar, we add only 250 grams of sugar for every kg of fruit as we add a substance called ‘Marmello’ to thicken and conserve.
Blackberries and Grapes can also be eaten raw. One handful a day is sufficient.

Enjoy the genius of nature and experience how good it makes you feel!

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need…
– Ayurvedic Proverb –