Today’s day Ayurveda is mainly known for detoxicating health treatments, herbal medicines, supplements and care products. The actual goal of Ayurveda however, is that you stay healthy so that you do not need any treatment or medicines.

For the healthcare special that came out in December 2020, the Dutch Yoga International magazine had requested us to write an article with practical tips for self-care out of the teachings from Ayurveda. This is the English version. The simple basic guidelines in this article apply to everyone.


Healthy living according to Ayurveda

Yoga teaches you that in order to be happy and successful, you must perform your responsibilities with pleasure and to the best of your ability. The first thing that is important in order to perform optimally for work, loved ones and the environment, is to take particularly good care of yourself.
Yoga goes hand in hand with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a method of treatment in which the cause of complaints and illness is treated instead of the symptoms. With a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, you are able to fend off whatever life throws at you.

Listen to your body

Our body is a genius machine that takes action when its functioning is in danger, without us being aware of it. Our body asks for help with signals. For example, your tongue gives a taste in your mouth if you have certain deficiencies and can resist flavors if you eat too much of something. Pain indicates which part of the body requires attention, warmth and especially rest. A sore throat indicates that your immunity is decreasing.

Pay attention to food

Eating and drinking is meant to nourish your body. With everything you take, ask yourself whether it contributes to this. Eat with variety and eat fresh. According to Ayurveda, every body has different needs, but with seasonal and regional products you always eat well.

Avoid poison

Many foods are harmful to our health. Ayurveda calls this poison. Although our bodies are made to break down and dispose of poison, regular intake leads to disturbances and illness. Therefore do not include the following substances in your daily diet and lifestyle: drugs; nicotine; alcohol; coffee; black tea; fast sugars; (Red meat; fast food; preservatives.


Go to bed on time and avoid bright lights for the last hour before going to bed, especially avoid smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Exercise enough

To stay fit, do movements that use muscles that you otherwise don’t use. This is possible with Yoga, but also with swimming, for example. Slowly increase and decrease the intensity with each sport.

Avoid stress

One of the biggest causes of illness is stress. Ayurvedic massages, but also Asana, Pranayama and Meditation offer powerful tools to reduce stress.

Work on a positive mindset

You can live a healthy lifestyle and eat the most nutritious food, but with a negative mindset, your body transforms nutrients into poison. Therefore always be aware of your way of thinking!


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