Health is defined as ‘A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’

– by the World Health Organisation.

Our mental and physical health is usually interlinked with each other. Our mental stresses often manifest as physical problems namely psychosomatic problems and vice versa. It becomes imperative to regard both for a holistic approach to life.

Needless to say, Yoga enhances the mind and body union by instilling stability in our lives. It improvises overall health and well-being by providing enough strength and balance in our lives.

There are many yoga asanas directed to improve and relieve specific health problems. Here at Centre Lothlorien, we shall teach you in detail about these asanas. They will improve your life along with empowering you to uplift all other’s lives too.

Below, in the first part of this series, we shall discuss how yoga helps to relieve our back problems.

Yoga to improve back problems

Experts estimate that more than 80% of people suffer from tragic backache issues at least once in their lifetimes. All back problems are highly common in men and women. It’s your choice whether you choose to live with it or improve it. Yoga contributes to improving the quality of life for people suffering from these problems greatly.

Yoga helps in improving back problems by

  • Strengthening the back muscles. The main reason for backaches and problems is the undue stress on the muscles. They’re are incapable of handling the stress passed onto them. By holding yoga poses as long as possible, muscles are strengthened with greater capacity to bear the same stress.
  • Aiming to improve posture, body alignment, and balance.  This helps in enhancing equal stress distribution in all muscles equally. This helps with easing the accumulation of stress in the body.
  • Stretching and relaxing of the muscles throughout the body. This helps majorly with reducing the tension in the stress holding muscles. This also aims to improvise blood flow which catalyzes the detoxification process.
  • Granting greater awareness of one’s body. This helps majorly as preventive measure for the body for comprehending its limitations.


This pose is essentially known as the ‘mountain pose’. You can see the details about the intricate directions of the asana in our youtube channel video for better visualization.

The increased strength of this asana is marked by the increased duration of time you can hold it in.

This signifies increased back and mental strength too for your healthy body.


This asana should be avoided by people suffering from problems like :

  • severe peptic ulcer
  • recent abdominal surgery
  • hernia
  • the pelvic dislocations
  • extreme osteoarthritis of joints
  • cervical dislocations
  • kyphosis
  • lordosis
  • abnormal spinal alignment

Do let us know by leaving a comment below the video if your back feels better after doing this.