About our courses

Courses at Lothlorien are mostly given from Monday morning to Friday morning. An introduction to the weekly program is given on Sunday evening. If you wish to be sure of participation, it is important to register in advance. If there are still places available during a course week, you may decide on the spot to join one or more mornings. The week ends on Friday evening in a manner appropriate to the program.

During the high season weeks, children’s weeks are offered parallel to the adult program. Not just coloring a coloring page, but weeks with an exciting theme and many different activities in the forest, in the studio and on the field.

The day of arrival, if you want to participate in a course week, is Sunday and the day of departure is Saturday. Arriving earlier or staying longer is possible in consultation.

Staying during the summer course weeks is possible in the Chateau, on the camping site or in one of the other accommodation options. Check this website for more information when staying.