Yogaweek: Pranayama and Meditation

Aankomstdatum: 11 August 2024
Einddatum: 17 August 2024
Cursusleider: Pinky More
Prijs: € 235

Ancient techniques for controlling your body and mind

Nowadays yoga is a well-known concept. the attention is mainly focused on the body postures and the practice often does not go beyond the classroom. At Centre Lothlorien, we teach Indian Classic Yoga, Yoga as it is taught in India. Here Yoga is “A Way of Life”. This course focuses on a number of basic principles of Yoga and you get practical tips on how you can use Yoga to remain with yourself in hectic everyday life.

This week, through Pranayama, you learn to become aware of your breathing and apply techniques that calm your senses and thereby calm your mind. Each Pranayama has its own benefits. Besides the effect Pranayama has on you it is a stepping stone for Meditation in which you will practice innovative Indian techniques.

– Yoga and Ayurveda as it is taught in India
– Personal attention 
– Practical advice on how to implement Yoga and Ayurveda in your daily life
– Peaceful environment surrounded by nature
– Less than one day drive by car
– Vegetarian meals 

The activities are spread over 5 mornings and consist of workshops and group sessions, but also practical exercises such as Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.
Attention is paid to your personal situation or difficulties. The week is given in English.

About Pinky More

The week is given by Yoga experts, led by Pinky More.
Pinky More was born in India. Here she has completed an advanced teachers training Program at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the Oldest Organized Yoga Center in the world. After a few years of working and traveling over the world she has settled down in the Netherlands to introduce Indian Classical Yoga, the traditional style of Yoga. In Kerala, India, Pinky has studied Ayurveda and started with Ayurvedic massages. Since 2012 Pinky organizes Yoga retreats at Centre Lothlorien in France. In 2019 she started the affiliation between Centre Lothlorien and ‘The Yoga Institute’. Currently, besides leading her own Teacher Training Courses in France she teaches in several other European countries and participates to Yoga programs in Ghana, Dubai and India.


Cursussen op Centre Lothlorien worden in principe gegeven van maandagochtend tot en met vrijdag. Langer blijven of eerder komen is mogelijk. De dag van aankomst voor een cursusweek is zondag, de dag van vertrek zaterdag.

Verblijfskosten zijn afhankelijk van hoe je wil verblijven. Tweepersoonskamer volpension vanaf €390,- per cursusweek (6 nachten) p.p.