Back in 2023 at the familiar, fantastic spot on the rivel Waal.

We look forward to meeting you at ‘t Veerhuis in Varik on Sunday 26 March.

You are welcome from 10.30. At 11 am, we will open the day with the latest news from Lothlorien. The programme will last until around 5 pm.

In the programme introduction workshops by the workshop leaders from the summer programme.

Present to introduce their activities are:

Gabrielle Nijhuis & Inge Meuleman, Mother Nature in Me

Peter den Haring, Family constellations, trance journeys and karmic astrology

Gerard Akerboom, Sculpture and spirituality

Marike van IJssel, Inspired painting, 13 steps international creativity process (o.v.b.)

Hilde Goris and Klaas Timmer, Man-woman week

Richard Slager, Ayurvedic week

Pinky More, Yoga summer weeks

Lucas Slager talks about Maya calendars and how you can work with the day’s energies using the new Maya calendar energy diary (available for the first time on this day).

Belinda Kamps is unfortunately unable to attend, but this summer she will give a nice singing week for everyone who likes to sing, even if you don’t dare. Lisette Thooft will not be there either, her week is already fully booked, but you can still get on the waiting list.

 Address Veerhuis. 

Please leave a message if you are coming