Since the entire world adopts this way of greeting, let me give you an insight about the entire ideology surrounding it so that it resonates better within us.

The physical world is an ultimate product of polarities like masculine and feminine, yin and yang, ida and pingala, right brain and left brain and however you may want to name them. It is the longing to find union among polarities through ambition, love, sex and Yoga. Yoga means your personal experience to seek this union. The simplest form of Yoga is to put your hand in namaskar. This namaskar means bringing harmony to two polarities within our souls.

Put your hands together and look upon someone with loving attention. In 3-5 minutes you shall begin to harmonise, namaskar yourself into peace, namaskar yourself into love, into this union. Amidst this state of pandemic, let’s educate ourselves so that we prepare for a better tomorrow.

Delusion is the biggest disease of humanity.

Firstly, let’s know about novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) – These are a large group of new viruses transmitted to humans via animals. In humans, they bring respiratory problems ranging from flu like symptoms comprising of symptoms like dry cough, fever and body ache to fatal viral pneumonia in few complicated cases. 80% of individuals recover without specialised treatment. Around 1 out of 6 people who get Covid-19 become seriously ill. Older people with underlying medical problems like breathing problems, high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to get infected.

How does it spread ?

Usually from people already suffering from Covid-19, irrespective of whether they are showing symptoms or not. It spread person to person via droplets (air-borne transmission). Carrier incubation can last up to 24 days. Unfortunately hence the transmission rates are pretty high.

How to prevent Corona ?

Precautions mostly comprise of basic hygiene for anyone with flu like symptoms. We are all aware, to often wash hands, to drink lots of warm water and not to touch our ears, nose, neck and face. Yoga offers a few helpful techniques in addition:
– Have a healthy balanced diet which helps inevitably in boosting your immunity, like green tea, which has high antioxidants.
– Practice Kriyas like Jala neti, wherein you hold little water in your palm, sniff it with one nostril and when done properly, releasing water from your mouth. This cleanses the entire nasal passage perfectly.
– Do Pranayamas like Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom. You sit with eyes closed in a meditative posture with your back straight. In Kapalbhati you inhale deeply through your both nostrils and exhale through both nostrils forcefully and try to think that your disorders are coming out of your nose.
Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom
In Anulom Vilom you close the right nostril with the right thumb and inhale slowly through the left nostril. Then remove your thumb from your right nostril, close your left nostril with the index or middle finger and exhale. Now inhale with the left nostril, swap the fingers to exhale from the right nostril. Be focused, concentrate on your breathing and repeat this process for 5 minutes.
Since Covid-19 directly attacks by fibrosing the lungs, these breathing exercises help us keep our lungs in the best shape.

Perhaps the most important approach is to keep a balanced state of mind. Yoga suggests:
– Do not confuse isolation with discrimination.
– Do not give into mass hysteria and panic.
– Do not indulge in passing unreliable information regarding this pandemic and stay informed by the authorities.

Join us in the fight against this pandemic. Let us put our hands together and unite the world. May you unfold your inner spiritual being with folded hands.

Namaskar, once again.