Warm sunbeams; singing birds; blossoming flowers; sweet fragrance; humming bees, upcoming greenery, sincere smiles; it is obvious, spring has started!

At this time of the year it is easy to notice the positive things live has to offer. Our worries seam less, our pain is distant,we have more energy and happiness surrounds us. What has changed?
We think it is our surroundings that changed, the weather, the atmosphere, other people, they create how we feel.  Often we let our mood be influenced by what happens outside of us. The truth is that we decide our own mood. When you feel low, this happens, because you let it happen. You have the strength to focus on the positive, create your own mood and experience happiness throughout the year!

How to control our mood by focusing on positive things?

Worry is the misuse of imagination,

yet somehow we always find ourselves clouded with anxiety arising due to events of the past and the future, slowly killing ourselves way even before death occurs. These doubts, anxiety, fear rarely leave us and often inevitably do get the best of us. The worst part is that we even let them.

Life merely is sequence of our own virtual realities, own experiences wherein we end up reacting to everything around us instead of taking a step back and responding. Slowly every negative thought and emotion keeps on piling up, usually resulting in an aggressive form of outbursts and sometimes psychosomatic disorders. 

Firstly we need to know that pain is inevitable in our lives, suffering isn’t. 

Do find yourself stressed and anxious often?


Acknowledging our pattern of negative thoughts is the first step we need to learn to rectify. We need to reverse the energy of the thought responsible back to its source itself. This inverse propagation involves repression and suppression known to modern psychotherapy, these Samskaras can be transformed enlightening the Purusha, purifying it through meditation. Finding the deep consciousness and purpose that we were born with. Yoga isn’t merely physical Asanas but our own personal experience into the journey of mindfulness and this is how meditation helps us.

One who looks outside ; dreams , One who looks inside ; awakens!


As cliche as it may sound, smiling takes less muscles than to frown. Even when you simply smile to yourself, it’s relieves stress, reduces blood pressure and makes you feel better.

Write down what you are thankful for

Expressing gratitude even about the tiniest things in life make you immensely joyful, which in turn increases gratitude. Now that’s the best cycle to be stuck in wherein you find your own joy as soon as you wake up every morning. Working on these points inevitably point you in the direction from where to derive more gratitude and joy from.

Take a positive approach

Make your comebacks stronger than your setbacks by finding ways you can always optimise your potential. Even small things like jump starting conversations with positive reinforcement shall change the tone for your conversation. An easy example being – when colleague asks you about work, you can respond by saying the amount of tasks you’ve already completed instead of the cribbing about the work you’re unable to accomplish.

Choose who to spent your time with

People we engage in our surroundings play a vital role in determining the kind of thoughts we have, hence stay with like minded people. People who shall enhance your present being and help you achieve your own personal best day in and day out. 

 Random acts of kindness

This one being my personal favourite, try to do something little for someone whenever and wherever possible, especially when they least expect it. Apart from making yourself feel elated, someone’ else’s smile is always the bonus.

Lastly, be kind to your own self, as long as you try to better yourself, you shall always be happy!