As we adjust the clocks preparing for more hours of sunlight, we slowly learn to be grateful for the warmth and light it offers us and which leads to beautiful flowers that fill our lives with colours.
The only thing constant in our lives is change. It inevitably surrounds us, however we often choose not to acknowledge it.
Amidst this journey of highs and lows, all around the world we find ourselves in the clutches of pandemic.  We understand that nothing lasts forever, yet we are trying to hold to any solid rock in our grasp. We need to realise that the only solid rock to hold onto is within us. It is our perception, our own daily routine that keeps us grounded amidst the altering seasons as well as during incidents and in times of isolation.

As we become aware of our own biological clock, more then ever we learn about the significance to follow an appropriate routine in our every day lives.

You will never change your life, until you do something daily 

What are the benefits of a daily routine?

Routines keep us grounded, they help us stay anchored and focused on certain aspects of life which are certain, instead of fretting over the ones which are not. Best stress coping mechanisms during risky times include investing time and effort on things we are sure about, the structure of routine we build in our lives. The only habits we build are the ones we can rely on.

Routines reduce stress
Our list of chores increases everyday inevitably keeps on piling up resulting in the unhealthy kind of stress build up that hinders our productivity. When we turn these chores to habits like simple to exercise everyday, it ceases to add stress and inevitably relieves it.

What does a Daily routine consist of?

Sleeping routine

‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’
This immortal saying couldn’t emphasise more on the benefits of sleep increasing concentration, productivity, healthy lifestyle by increasing metabolism.

Start with a peaceful mind

Once you wake up, freshen up and avoid the use of gadgets right away. They will bring thoughts and distractions in your mind and effect your mood for the rest of the day. Allow this moment of the day to put yourself first and leave your mind empty.


Physical Asanas for the body and mental exercise by meditation should be incorporated in our lives. Meditation provides us with a calm mind, increased concentration Ali with better clarity invariably.

Sit down for breakfast

Most people tend to forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day hence it should never be skipped. Take your time for it, wake up earlier if needs be.

Have a Healthy diet

Find a diet which suits your physical constitution and lifestyle. Eat three meals a day, including seasonal fresh fruit, ample of fresh vegetables, whole grain, pulses, sprouts, dried nuts, seeds, honey, fresh herbs, milk and dairy products which are free from animal rennet. These foods raise sattva or our consciousness levels. Yoga teaches the consumption of a sattvic, pure vegetarian diet. Sattvic foods are cooked and eaten with love, gratitude and awareness. A sattvic person is calm, peaceful, serene, amicable, full of energy, enthusiasm, health, hope, aspirations, creativity and balanced personality. An added advantage of sattvic diet is that it helps to keep the weight in check and it is a very effective method of weight loss.

Relax before sleeping

A proper sleep is very important. For this it is important to shut down all your systems. Do not eat after 8 pm. Your digestion slows down when you are eating. Eating late disturbs your sleep and gives other unpleasant symptoms. Calm down your mind and do not strain your eyes the last hour before sleeping like by using your smartphone and watching TV or Netflix. Instead read a book or take time to reflect on the day. Keep a pen and paper next to your bed to write down important things that might come up.

Aristotle instilled the benefits of routine by saying:
‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’