It is official, France opens it’s borders for all european tourists!

As per today, June 15th, it is possible to travel freely between the European countries. Centre Lothlorien has been a safe haven over the last few months. The Haute Marne and especially the area around our beautiful domain has a very low population density.

We feel blessed with having a location in the center of europe as you can reach us by car within a day, without close contact with others, from many contries such as Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland and even Italy, Spain and the UK.

Centre Lothlorien continues it’s entire summerprogram. We do take limited guests, so it is recommended to [su_permalink target=”blank” title=”Course Program 2020″ rel=”httpss://”]book your course now![/su_permalink]

Some of us are already able to get back to their usual routines. However for most of us the world has changed. In the challenges of life, you more then ever rely on yourself. Live a healthy lifestyle and keep a balanced state of mind. This is what our Yoga Teacher Training Course is about. Take this change in the world as a chance to improve your life and sign up for our next [su_permalink target=”blank” title=”Yoga Teacher Training Course” rel=”httpss://”]1 month Yoga Teacher Training Course[/su_permalink] starting September 19th.

Enjoy your regained freedom.

We hope to see you soon!