This April and May the first Yoga Teacher Training Course of 2021 at Centre Lothlorien has been completed.
It has been an intense 4 weeks for the students. They have done a complete immersion in the yoga philosophy and have reflected this ancient wisdom on themselves. They have taken it upon themselves to try and integrate these teachings in their own lives, wich is a hard task, but with perseverence can only lead to a bright future.
During this one month course the students have lived the Yoga Way of Live. By accepting a new daily routine with a lot of beneficial asana’s, pranayama’s and other techniques and living of a sattvic Yoga diet, they have experienced a new physical balance and new energy levels.

Our next Yoga Teacher Training Course starts on Saturday May 29th. This can be your chance for a lefechanging experience! Feel free to contact us for more information!

We congratulate our students for their accomplishments! It brings us joy to witness these unique souls to continue their path in live. With their newly discovered tools they will make this world a more beautiful place.