While in India only online Teacher Training Courses are offered, in France it is possible to follow a real life traditional Indian Classic Yoga Teacher Training Course.
From September 19th to October 18th, Centre Lothlorien organizes it’s one month 200 hours TTC in Foulain, Haute Marne.

Traditional Indian Yoga

Centre Lothlorien is affiliated with ‘The Yoga Institute’ from Mumbai, the oldest organized yoga center in the world. The curriculum used is the same and the teachers are trained there.
Today there are many ‘forms’ of Yoga. Centre Lothlorien teaches ‘Indian Classic Yoga’, Yoga before it is broken down into specializations. It has a holistic approach to Yoga, the way it has been handed down by the Sadhus, the original practitioners of Yoga.
The Teacher Training Course contains basic knowledge that is not learned anywhere else, including the ‘four pillars of yoga’.

Asanas with underlying knowledge

The most popular of yoga are the Asanas, the physical exercises. Centre Lothlorien covers all fundamental Asanas and teach you why, when, or even when not to apply these Asanas. All Asanas have a purpose, so not every asana is good for everyone. You learn how to perform the Asana and how to teach it to someone else, with the right techniques.


Contrary to the image you might have of Yoga, the physical practice is only a small part. That is why Centre Lothlorien pays a lot of attention to the Yoga philosophy, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Yoga is a way of life. The ultimate goal is to achieve enlightenment, even though it is not a realistic goal for many, it can help you make your life easier and, above all, happier. Attention goes to healthy eating and living, Centre Lothlorien teaches the core values ​​to be able to deal with others and difficult situations more easily, how to stay calm and balanced and above all, how to deal with yourself.


Psychology is an incredibly important part of Yoga. With Yoga you are not looking at the psyche of another, but at your own. In Yoga first you apply what you learn to yourself. You can give someone else advice on how to prevent stress, but if you suffer from stress yourself, you can never be as effective as when you have experienced ways to overcome stress. How much you learn from the psychology depends on your own willingness to work on yourself, but we challenge you to look at and work on every part of your mind, including your thought flow and your ego. In a month you can transform yourself in a way that takes a lifetime for others.

Personal attention

Centre Lothlorien only takes a small number of students, instead of watching or listening to a teacher in a large class, you get intensive and targeted help with what you need. Even outside the lessons you are in an environment with teachers and residents of the center. This way you get the opportunity for extra attention with subjects that you find difficult or interesting.

Centre Lothlorien in France

You will stay in a beautiful location in the middle of nature on an easy accessible location in the centre of Europe. Centre Lothlorien is your ‘home away from home’. The environment is soothing and inspiring, in your spare time you can walk for hours without meeting a single person. You can be detached from distractions from your ‘normal life’ in order to work on what is important to you. Furthermore, you are in the comfort zone of your own culture, your own customs and products and known languages. Still, you have the luxury of being able to go home in an emergency or to bring friends or family over for a weekend.

In short, not only will you learn how to teach yoga, you will get the manual of discovering yourself.
To see the syllabus, get more information or to sign up, please visit the webpage Centre Lothlorien, The Yoga Institute France

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