You may think that without a long flight to India it is not possible to do a yoga teacher training according to ancient Indian traditions . But it is now available close to home. For the first time in Europe you can take a yoga teacher training course the way it is taught in India at Centre Lothlorien in the north east of France.

– translation of a Dutch article by Marie-Claire Van den Berg, –

This year, a new 200-hour training will start here, which will be taught by teachers trained in India. The teacher training course is a holistic training inspired by the holy sadhus, the original practitioners of yoga. Here you do not only learn yoga, you “live” yoga.

Saturday April 11th – Sunday May 10th 2020
Saturday May 30th – Sunday June 28th 2020
Saturday September 19th – Sunday October 18th 2020


In the Western world, yoga is often considered a physical exercise, but yoga is more than just your practice on the mat. It is the union of body, mind and soul that makes you complete. This teacher training course mainly focuses on that holistic approach. This education is the ultimate way to learn all the basic theory and practice of yoga, but the lessons also give you insight into why, how and when you practice (and when not to) and teach you how to remain yourself in the hectic moments of daily life.

What to expect?

The course is intended for people who are looking for inner growth, whether you are a teacher, wish to become a teacher or just really love yoga and you want to deepen. By getting a lot of personal attention you learn to free yourself from your blockades. You learn to control your thoughts and emotions and to practice yoga in daily life. The course also offers all the knowledge and techniques to teach others yoga and to better recognise the needs of your (future) students.

During the training you will learn about different theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. You will delve deeper into the anatomy, psychology and physiology, the core principles and philosophy of traditional yoga. Some of the parts are an introduction to the study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. In addition, you immerse yourself in the most important asanas, meditation techniques, pranayamas and kriyas. You will learn to speak in public and you will be taught the methodology of education.

The Location

The course is taught in a beautiful French chateau in a beautiful domain of fourteen hectares with gardens, streams and lakes, surrounded by forest. It is the ideal place to find inner peace and focus on your education. Students are given a spacious room. All fresh, vegetarian and organic meals are included and prepared with Ayurvedic knowledge and Indian spices.

The Yoga Institute

Centre Lothlorien is affiliated with The Yoga Institute from Mumbai in India, founded by Shri Yogendra who learned yoga from a sadhu. The sadhus dedicate their lives to achieving enlightenment; they live alone and keep their knowledge to themselves. Shri Yogendra was the first yogi who became a householder and decided to spread his knowledge to the general public. He has also been involved in multiple studies of the physiological and psychological effects of yoga and has collaborated with physicians and renowned scientists.

Experienced Teachers

Classes are taught by experienced yoga experts led by Pinky More who introduced Indian Classic Yoga to Europe. All teachers have studied at The Yoga Institute in India. As the number of participants is limited, students get a lot of personal attention. The team is ready to help all students personally with their inner processes and achieving personal growth.


After completion of the course, students will receive a certificate from The Yoga Institute that allows them to register as a yoga teacher and teach all over the world. The certificate is recognised by the Yoga Alliance USA.

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