Just as the waves of another global lock down issue pass through our feet, we’re struggling to get back to our normal lives.
Such great events of misery uproot the fundamental aspects of humanity. It exposes us through the range of human emotions that we suppress in our everyday lives.

Once in a lifetime events

It takes us back to the times in 1945 when World War Two ended. A horrific war that affected many countries and millions of people. Stories are still told about what people have been through. Though many people have suffered, all their stories are different and all of them went through their own experiences.
Now 75 years later we have a different situation, though there are still millions of people suffering, our devil comes with various faces. Everyone is engrossed in their own story. Some of us are ill, others are living in wealth and luxury, some lost loved ones, others are spending lots of time with family, some are without jobs and others are getting rich, some are on lock down while others can move freely.

Due to Corona lock down, the plethora of people have been affected. One story is about crew, that has been in isolation on ships. Not getting paid, unable to set foot on land. let alone going home and staying with their loved ones. They are stranded at sea with bleak light about their resources and future.
Somehow gladly, one of the cruise lines has decided to sail the crew members back to their respective countries. The cruise ship becomes like a school bus with hundreds or thousands of sea miles between the stops. Keeping to the positive side of live, have patience and ride out the storm.

The danger of depression

In light of today’s instances, it brings sadness and depression, the importance is to keep believing in the light at the end of the tunnel.
Sadness is an every day emotion triggered by an unwanted situation, it passes. Depression however, is a lifestyle problem wherein people of all ages suffer. It can be distinguished from sadness by psycho-somatic illnesses manifestations, like disturbed sleep and appetite; tiredness and poor concentration are common. 
Yoga shall help you adhere to it by firstly recognizing the depression. According to the World Health Organisation,

‘Depression is a common mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. It is characterized by persistent sadness and a lack of interest or pleasure in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities’.


Yoga brings about mindful awareness, an invaluable skill for stimulating the internal environment. Dr. Hansaji Yogendra says,

“when your mind is not in a position to listen then let your body take charge and handle the situation.”

She hints to indulge in physical activities that eventually help one feel rejuvenated and boosts serotonin release, which is the happy hormone. There are a few practices you can take up:

– Activities which boost your flow. Flow is the state of mind where you don’t realize how time passes. This could be you passion like cooking, singing, painting, and any form of art.
– Mindful Observation. Being able to observe the natural environment around you and let it easy your mind.

Which ever boat you are in, the storm of your thoughts is more dangerous than the storm outside. Stay calm on the inside, think and act practical and soon even your boat will reach safe waters.