Are you suffering from frequent gas problems?

These problems usually manifest as burping, belching, flatus, bloating, distension along with pain and cramps in the abdomen. Distension refers to the visible increase in the size of the stomach area.
Although this condition is due to numerable reasons, the most common one is:

  • Food – consumption of a few kinds of rajasic and tamasic food tends to increase gas in the stomach.

Rajasic food – This is the kind of food that is spicy, salty, and hot. They’re naturally irritating and excessively stimulating to the gastric lining. This is generally the kind of food which leads to temptations and agitations henceforth. It inevitably agitates the mind consequently.

Tamasic food – This is the kind of food that is intensely heavy to digest. This kind of food causes intense lethargy and laziness. Old food is also known as Tamasic food.  This kind of food tends to dull the mind and slows it.

The food we eat is the most basic way to show our body some love and appreciation. Sattvik food is the ideal kind of food that should be consumed.

This usually is due to increased entrapment of air in the stomach and/or the intestines.
You need to find the primary of the gas problem primarily to correct the problem.
Although yoga poses when done regularly shall help you keep the symptoms away. One of the most effective poses for improving gas problems is ‘Pawanmukhtasana’.
This pose is also known as the anti-flatus pose.


This asana majorly epitomizes the bhava of ‘letting go’ of physical and emotional excesses. It helps us to prophesize in ourselves the feeling of dispassion and detachment ‘ Vairagya bhava’. While you read the word, ‘detachment’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
We tend to commonly believe that this hints to the renunciation of things bigger than ourselves like material and worldly aspects. Although in a much deeper sense, it all starts from within. It’s subduing the ego and practicing humility in our lives.
It is basically also letting go of our preconceived notions. It helps us to look at things objectively, disabling personal biases for perceptions of more things in our lives.This practice of letting go emotionally helps us realize that failures are temporary. It allows us to accept the things we cannot change in our lives. This idealogy enables us to reform setbacks to learning experiences.
This efficiently helps to release all the trapped digestive gases from the stomach and intestine easily to eventually prevent digestion-related issues. People suffering from gas, acidity, and indigestion swear by the gradual efficacy of this asana. Can also be translated as Pawan (air) Mukth (releasing) Asana (posture) from Sanskrit.

You can watch our detailed instructions video on Youtube for the best understanding below.


We shall now discuss the indications for this asana

  • Strengthens, massages, and stimulates the entire abdominal muscles. This altogether plays a vital role in aiding and improving digestion. Practicing this asana regularly leads to a decline in digestive problems significantly.
  • Enhances and improves blood circulation especially to the pelvis region. This shall help to improve hip mobility, open the hips, and increase hip flexibility.
  • Tones muscles and strengthens flabby abdominal muscles.
  • Corrects chronic constipation.
  • The ideal exercise for ailments which requires constitutional regeneration of internal organs due to the stimulation provided.


  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation
  • Hernia
  • Ulcers
  • Recent abdominal surgery
  • Severe osteoarthritis
  • Acute disc prolapse
  • Sacroiliac joint pathology

We shall recommend daily efforts by practicing Yoga slowly and steadily. While practicing yoga you should remember that you’re exercising to ‘gain health and not lose weight’. Watch more of our videos and learn to practice safely with us only at Centre Lothlorien.

Until next time, always remember:

‘You only lose what you cling to’
– Buddha