During the One Planet – One People gathering 2020, Centre Lothlorien started supporting Colectivo Wixari.

Colectivo Wixari is a young and not widely known initiative that was founded in 2012. Now they are starting an environmental project in La Laguna. By revitalising the soil they can create agricultural possibilities and by training the local Wixari people, they get the chance to take control of their own circumstances, work for their livelihood and a create a bright future for their children.

Since the gathering a lot has happened:

  • A new website has been launched showing what has already been set in motion and clearly showing the goals: www.colectivowixari.com
  • A “Food-security program” has been started and to this end, a greenhouse is being built and the orchard is being improved and expanded.
  • A “Springs and soil restoration program” to make optimal use of the little available water.
  • And the “Productive project” has been revived.

José is a local who personally has experienced the difficulties of his people. He is one of the initiators behind Colectivo Wixari and tells his story here.


Alma tells about the situation for children in the villages.


Have you already made a donation for this important project? Take a look at the website and you will know where your money is going. We will keep you informed of the progress on the site. Book your donation now via: NL40TRIO 078 47 65 111 Friends of Lothlorien and we will ensure that your contribution will benefit the project for 100%.