A long weekend for anyone who wants to come in action  for a better world.
For anyone who is open for change.
For everyone who is inspired by the story of Mundo Younido and One planet-One people.
For anyone who wants to give color to our world, with own talents, based on mutual respect.
Get connected:
Let’s start dialogues with each other to strengthen connections and build forward to future
You are welcome to get inspired at a beautiful location in the middle of the nature in France.
A great break in a busy schedule and an inspiration for all who have interest in a better world.
A place where we can exchange from heart to heart and motivate and stimulate each other.
What can you expect?
Inspiring stories, workshops, dance, music, plenty of space for dialogues.
Together we will write history.
Prices and the program depends on the number of registrations, so let us know if you are interested. Send an email to [email protected]