Maya Medicine 8-14 augustus 2021 GEANNULEERD

Aankomstdatum: 8 augustus 2021
Einddatum: 14 augustus 2021
Cursusleider: Tomasa & Poxita Su
Prijs: € 200

by Maya Grandmother Tomasa and Grandmother Poxita from Guatemala.

including herbal medicine, massage techniques and ceremony.

Just as in 2018, the Grandmothers come to Center Lothlorien to share their knowledge and wisdom about life.

The week will consist of Teachings. The Grandmothers also take you on their walks through nature and teach you to look differently at everything you encounter. Massage lessons are offered and for an additional contribution personal consultations are possible.

Tomasa and Poxita also take us to their ceremonies.

The Maya healing method is based on 4 pillars: massage, herbalism, prayer and ceremony.

The week is also a great addition to your knowledge if you are a practicing naturopath.

Being in the presence of both Grandmothers makes you ground and be grateful for life. For that reason alone it is a fantastic week to participate.

The proceeds of the week are for the IXPIYAKOK IXMUKANE healing center in Chichicastanengo, Guatemala.

In the link below you can read everything about Grandma Tomasa’s dream.







Testimony of a participant in 2018

“There are those encounters that you will never forget for the rest of your life. My acquaintance during the first ‘Mayan healing week’ was such a moment. My expectation was high, I expected plant knowledge in terms of content, I started from massage techniques and looked out But I could never have imagined what it would feel like. Grandmother Tomasa and Grandmother Poxita from Guatemala feel as if they have travelled directly from the inside of the earth to let you experience how magically exquisite everything is. Nature is balanced, fully balanced and in flow, and where this is not the case you can see, feel and point out where love no longer flows, through botany, barefoot meditation, touch and ceremony. I experienced how I can take good care of myself and support others in this process.The grandmothers provide a cheerful note during the course Always energetic and cheerful they let me experience how they work. And after the week I was left with a feeling of love for nature, with admiration for our body, wonder about the deeper felt connection with everyone and everything around us and the thought ‘if I can grow old, then I still want a lot learn more from their secrets! “Xandra



Cursussen op Centre Lothlorien worden in principe gegeven van maandagochtend tot en met vrijdag. Langer blijven of eerder komen is mogelijk. De dag van aankomst voor een cursusweek is zondag, de dag van vertrek zaterdag.

Verblijfskosten zijn afhankelijk van hoe je wil verblijven. Tweepersoonskamer volpension vanaf €390,- per cursusweek (6 nachten) p.p.