Reunion One Planet – One People

Aankomstdatum: 13 August 2023
Einddatum: 19 August 2023
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With Grandmothers Tomasa and Poxita, Billy TK, Tatsuhiko Kimori, Roberto Lopez and many others.
A week to reconnect and inspire eachother as we did before.

Since 2011, we have organised international peace events, activities, meetings and more. This year, we feel it is time to meet again. Not in a big new event but just in a simple reunion for everyone who feels the same.

We will let this reunion emerge as it comes. After the past crazy years, let’s meet again as people from all over the world, to reconnect and inspire each other as we did before.

The program for this week is still in progress, through this website you can stay updated.

What we can tell you already:

•             Maya grandmothers Tomasa and Poxita – they offer a Maya Medicine course the week before, from August 6-12 – will participate for the first few days. 

•             Billy TK, Maori elder from New Zealand will be there with a few other musicians.

•             Tatsuhiko Kimori and Yukiko from Japan will come.

•             Roberto Lopez will also participate.

We are currently also in touch with Carola Esparza, Martha Llanos from Peru and Lourdes Carillo, Wixari

grandmother of Colectivo Wixari in Mexico and many others to see if they can join.

And of course Maurice Mooijman, Richard Hoofs, Fredy Wamelink, Lucas Slager, Pinky More and Richard Slager will be present.

More updates and information about packages and prices will be available soon.

Please contact us if you are interested. We look forward to meeting you!  

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