14-day Yoga & Ayurveda Course August 8-21 2021

Aankomstdatum: 8 August 2021
Einddatum: 21 August 2021
Cursusleider: Pinky More and Richard Slager
Prijs: € 390

by Pinky More and Richard  Slager.

Give yourself a complete reset

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that it’s incredibly important to take care of ourselves. Often we are not aware of how a number of bad habits, physical complaints, negative thoughts or stress can make us very unhealthy or unhappy. With this 14-day package we offer you the opportunity to look at yourself in a holistic way through both Yoga and Ayurveda and to transform your life for the better.

  • The course lasts 14 days, with arrival on Sunday 8 and departure on Saturday 21 August
  • The activities take place in the mornings from Monday to Friday and consist of workshops and group sessions, they take place outside as much as possible.
  • The weekend days are free to spend at leisure
  • Attention is paid to your personal situation or issues
  • The course is taught in English

Ayurveda, a healthy lifestyle

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine in the world and means ‘Knowledge of life’.
The first week you get introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda. By being aware of how your body works and what effect your living and eating patterns have you can improve your health. The program is includes practical workshops in which we look for fresh herbs in nature and make different preparations, including tea and oils.

Balance your Body and Mind through Yoga

A person consists of a connection between body, mind and soul. The soul is seen as your purest being, which is part of the galactic consciousness that we can sometimes get a glimpse of. Body and Mind are the parts that make us human. They are inextricably linked, every physical complaint has an effect on your mental state and mental problems lead to a physical manifestation in your body.
The second week we help you to work on a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. We will also consciously look at your own way of thinking and help you to exercise control over this. By being physically and mentally in balance you are able to ward off whatever life throws at you.

After spending 2 weeks at Centre Lothlorien in a natural rhythm and in a healthy lifestyle, you give your body the chance to find a new balance.

About Pinky More and Richard Slager

Pinky More was born in India. Here she has completed an advanced teachers training Program at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the Oldest Organized Yoga Center in the world. After a few years of working and traveling over the world she has settled down in the Netherlands to introduce Indian Classical Yoga, the traditional style of Yoga. In Kerala, India, Pinky has studied Ayurveda and started with Ayurvedic massages. Since 2012 Pinky organizes Yoga retreats at Centre Lothlorien in France. In 2019 she started the affiliation between Centre Lothlorien and ‘The Yoga Institute’. Currently, besides leading her own Teacher Training Courses in France she teaches in several other European countries and participates to Yoga programs in Ghana and India.

Richard grew up in the Netherlands. After years of working in the Hotel and Tourism industry in different countries and cultures, he tries to build a bridge between India and the Western world.
Since its foundation, Richard has often acted as a supporting factor at Centre Lothlorien, with a focus on educational youth activities and healthy meals. Together with Pinky he is responsible for the implementation of the Yoga retreats and Yoga teacher training. He was trained in the practical applications of Ayurveda in Kerala, South India. At The Yoga Institute in Mumbai he studied the philosophy of life of Yoga.


Cursussen op Centre Lothlorien worden in principe gegeven van maandagochtend tot en met vrijdag. Langer blijven of eerder komen is mogelijk. De dag van aankomst voor een cursusweek is zondag, de dag van vertrek zaterdag.

Verblijfskosten zijn afhankelijk van hoe je wil verblijven. Tweepersoonskamer volpension vanaf €390,- per cursusweek (6 nachten) p.p.