Practical applications of the Ayurveda, July 5-11
Aankomstdatum: 7 mei 2020
Prijs: €

By Richard Slager & Onne de Kloe

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine in the world and means ‘Knowledge of life’. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurvedic drugs are not aimed at numbing the pain, but at treating the cause. Only natural products are used in Ayurveda.

During this retreat you learn basic knowledge of Ayurveda. By being aware of how your body works and what effect your living and eating patterns have you can improve your health. The program is further completed with practical workshops in which we look for fresh herbs in nature and the garden, make a different number of preparations, including tea and oils, and where we pay attention to Ayurvedic cooking.

This week’s meals come from Ayurvedic cuisine.

About Richard and Onne

The week is given by Richard Slager and Onne de Kloe.
Since the establishment of Centre Lothlorien, Richard has been organizing activities to familiarize young people with playing and living in nature. Richard has studied Ayurvedic herbs and medicines in Kerala, South India and focuses on applying this knowledge to the herbs found in Europe.
Onne cooks at Lothlorien this season, he also started his career as a cook in France and continued this in Arnhem, Nijmegen and Amsterdam, among others. Over the years Onne searched for a way to bring his ideals into his work and chose to give vegetarian and vegan cooking workshops. He also took a look into the world of wild picking and learning to grow vegetables, edible flowers and herbs. Through his years of experience in the professional kitchen, he has many tips and tricks to share.

Price: € 195,- excluding accomodation

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