Mongolian Shamanism May 5-12
Aankomstdatum: 05/05/2019
Prijs: €

We are very happy to let you know that Munkgerel Bat and Enkhtaivan Dorjdulam, the two Mongolian Shamains who impressed us all during the Human World Summit in June 2017, will return to Centre Lothlorien.

This spring, they will come to Lothlorien for a special week (May 5-12) about Mongolian Shamanism. They will share a lot with us about their culture.

The week starts at sunday 20.30h: Welcome and official Opening

  • Ceremonies
  • Presentation
  • Rituals
  • Consultations with the ancestors
  • Exhibition
  • Chakra healing and exercise
  • Archery training
  • Drum and harp seminar
  • Harp lessons
  • Dance
  • Traditional Handcraft training
  • Personal consultation and massage

If you have your drum, please bring it with you.

Week Highlight


  • Personal Consultation with Mongolian ancestor.
  • Healing massage by Mongolian shamans.
  • Mongolian Shamanic Fire Ceremony.
  • Sacred Shamanic Ritual: Build Ovoo

ART and CULTURE WORKSHOP (new program)

  • Mongolian Shamanic Art Exhibition(shamanic costume, equipment, painting
  • Mongolian traditional handcraft training for all ages.
  • Mongolian Archery training for all ages. (People can learn how to shoot with Mongolian bow. We will provide bow. But if you have own bow feel free to bring you own.

Mongolian team

  • Munkhgerel Bat (Mg), Mongolian shaman, Director of “Mongol Tenger Unen” shaman association.
  • Chuluunzaya Sandagdorj (Chuka), Designer, Artist, Craftsman and teacher;
  • Munkhbayar (Muugii), Mongolian shaman;
  • Enkhtaivan (Peace) Mongolian Shaman and professional healer;

Price €225,- (excl. stay)

Participants This week is open for all people who interested in Mongolian Shamanism, Art and Culture.

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Cursussen op Centre Lothlorien worden in principe gegeven van maandagochtend tot en met vrijdag. Langer blijven of eerder komen is mogelijk. De dag van aankomst voor een cursusweek is zondag, de dag van vertrek zaterdag.

Verblijfskosten zijn afhankelijk van hoe je wil verblijven. Tweepersoonskamer volpension vanaf €330,- per cursusweek (6 nachten) p.p.